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Since 2019 we have published international language courses and vocabulary trainers as an 'Audioobook Original' audiobook line. Audioobook products have the following features:

Schwedisch lernen für Anfänger - Sprachkurs

Language course: German-Swedish

Audioobook Original

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Our Audioobook Original courses

With Audioobook Original you can learn the most important phrases for your holiday or business trip while relaxing or traveling. In just a short time you’ll be able to communicate in hotels, in restaurants, while shopping, on business trips, and during leisure time. Practice every day for a few minutes with our audio language course and you’ll quickly be able to speak and understand your new language fluently, perfect your pronunciation and improve your command of the language. With our language course you’ll only learn vocabulary, phrases and questions that you’ll really need on a trip abroad.

Each course is divided into chapters. This allows you to practice the appropriate basics, vocabulary and phrases for a specific everyday situation while concentrating on the correct pronunciation. Whether you want to ask for directions to the toilet or how to access the internet, you’ll always know the right words. With this Audioobook Original language course you’ll be prepared for all kinds of situations on holiday, in everyday life and at work. The audiobook contains all the usual sentences you’ll need to survive during a trip abroad and will be a great help to you. Previous knowledge or an additional textbook is not required.

We wish you lots of fun and success in learning a new language.

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For over 25 years we have been developing learning programs for the visually impaired and others. A collaboration between Halle-Wittenberg University and the Hanbat National University in South Korea in 2016 laid the foundation for Audioobook. Today, Audioobook belongs to the well-known audio book portals in Germany. Every month we inform more than 40,000 users on about current audiobooks which are available through different streaming services.

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