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At Audioobook.com, we work hard to find the best audiobooks online. That's why we publish a bestseller list and update it weekly. Audioobook.com shows you where you can get the latest and best audiobooks.

We'll keep you informed about the availability of the top audiobooks on Spotify, Deezer, Audible and elsewhere.

Find out which audiobooks are the current hits. Find new favorites. Listen to them immediately on Spotify, Deezer, Napster or Audible.

You shouldn’t have to spend your valuable time finding the best, most delightful audiobooks, so we’ve developed Audioobook. Every week, Audioobook scans all the bestseller lists and shows you the very best audiobooks you should know about and shouldn’t miss. We also show you how to listen to them.

Browse, don't search - that's our motto. Audioobook shows you only the audiobooks that

  1. are currently on the bestseller lists or are classics
  2. have received the best evaluations and user comments

To enjoy these audiobooks, you only need a free account with one of the many streaming services. And with a premium account, the audiobooks can be enjoyed offline too. As an alternative, you can register with Audible for a 30-day trial subscription.

How to contact us

If you have questions or problems, simply send us an e-mail:

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How to find the best audio books on Spotify and Napster

It's simple! Just choose your favorite genre from the menu and you'll see all the most popular and most highly rated offerings in each category. Our goal at Audioobook is to ensure that you don't spend endless hours searching for the newest, greatest and most sought-after audio books.
Also try our Audio Book Search!

Free and legal: how is that possible?

It's simple - these free accounts are as simple as radio. That means that every 30 minutes you’ll hear two short ads. But these ads aren’t annoying – in fact, you may find them quite interesting. As audiobook fans ourselves, we object to illegal downloading. Please support Audioobook and all the legal streaming services or Audible so that the authors receive the compensation they deserve.

Why does Audioobook show only selected audio books?

Audioobook shows only those books with the best ratings and the most reviews. We evaluate tens of thousands of bestsellers every month. We guarantee that all of these audiobooks can be downloaded or streamed for free. All you need is a free account with one of the many streaming providers.

Do you also produce your own audiobooks?

Yes. Both as insiders of the audiobook market and as passionate audiobook fans, we design and produce our own audio phrase books. Our audiobook line Audioobook Original is designed to fulfill the needs of our discerning listeners.

Which app can I use to listen to Spotify audiobooks?

Although Spotify offers many thousands of audiobooks, this category has been very much neglected. There are no ratings of individual audiobooks, and the Spotify app doesn’t support a bookmark function. For the former, there is this website; for the latter, the audiobook app AudioBookMark.

Audiobook player app for Spotify