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Johnny Dollar, also known as "the man with the action-packed expense account", entertained audiences with his adventures as a freelance insurance investigator beginning in 1949. Now he may have tallied his last expense report for his listeners in 1962, but thanks to the help of Radio Spirits, Johnny Dollar is once again on the case. He travels to exotic locales such as Tahiti and, in "The Price of Fame Matter", to Paris, where he's able to lend Vincent Price a helping hand. Enjoy this three-hour collection of "action-packed" digitally restored and remastered episodes and find out why Johnny Dollar had the honor of being the last dramatic series to air on radio.

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Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
by CBS Enterprises Inc.
Length: 2:21 h
Published: 10-12-09

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Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - Old Time Radio Show, Vol. Two
by Bob Bailey
Length: 13:28 h
Published: 2011

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Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar - Old Time Radio Show, Vol. Two
by Bob Bailey
Published: 2015-7-5

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